Gospel News · March - May 2012

Gospel News — Mar-May 2012
Thank you so much for the winter welfare parcel, it arrived OK, wasn't tampered with, and the Post Office workers didn't try to extort anything from me for receiving it, your love and grace really registered with me.
--Sis. Balpysh
Thank you for your nice letter which I received recently, and I always thank God for what He does in our lives. It is good that Bulimbo Ecclesia is now a lightstand for God's truths, and we pray that God may continue to guide us in His truth so that we may attain that coming Kingdom.
Secondly, we thank CAT for the help they have sent our Ecclesia which will help us to buy timber for making church benches and a few chairs. We are in the programme of fund-raising to buy a plot to construct the church. We are also delighted to inform you that our Bulimbo Ecclesia has increased in number and God has done greatly. This is why we have come up with this issue of purchasing a plot to build our own church. We do carry out our services under the shade of the mango trees: many people at the beginning used to discourage us because we had no meeting-place.
--Bro. Sadique Juma
I was born into a Pentecostal family and have grown as a Pentecostal since childhood until the age of twenty years, and developed an interest in Scripture while very young. Also, alas, I believed false teachings that when people die, after three days they go to heaven. Jesus now is a King in heaven and so many accept sprinkling as baptism, Hell, Satan, the Devil, Demons etc. Then I was confused and I asked myself many questions.
What made me develop is when I met Bro. Laban Kisaka and Brother Nimrody Masika and asked them many questions – and all were answered. That is how I started with Christadelphians. They continued to teach me many lessons which
helped me to understand well. After taking the 60 lessons, my mind reflected back to when I was the Chairman of the Pentecostal Assembly and when I was teaching false doctrines. I prayed and confessed my sins and asked God to forgive me.
Then I decided to be baptised into Christ and asked Bro. Moses. Then he asked me some questions to test my readiness and invited me to attend their meetings; so after about three months I was baptized. It was Bro. George who conducted the interview: I succeeded and was baptised and given the right hand of fellowship.
--Bro. Alfred Wanyony
It is with great pleasure that we thank God for giving us the opportunity to worship and praise Him. I, of course, appreciate and consider your former help in giving us the Gospel literature we wanted, and were in need of. In fact, I send my loving greetings of joy to you all, and I hope you are happy and in good condition in the help of our Redeemer's purpose and plan.
I now would like to introduce to you my new brother in Christ, Bro. David Masika Kasili, who was baptised recently. He is interested in the Scriptures, reading very much the Gospel literature you gave.
I am pleased to assure you that the small booklets I have been receiving from the `Herald of the Coming Age' from Box 220, Findon, SA Australia, are of great value to me and my Brothers and Sisters in the Ecclesia, and so I really appreciate them and need their continuation. If available `Elpis Israel,' by Bro. John Thomas would be appreciated, to strengthen our faith.
We are taking our time, in our Ecclesia, to study the Bible diligently; `Bible Basics'; `The Real Christ' and `The Real Devil' are helping. We have put forward our present effort and practices to understand the Bible and be aware and learn from it. So far we are putting forward its exhortations and practices to our friends, so that we teach them the proper, enlightened truth of the Word of God.
--Bro. Martin Sibolo Situma