Gospel News · September - December 2017

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Bro Mike replaces the NEV New Testament in the Tiny Library - one copy having already been taken
ro Mike and Sis Betty Flaherty from
Australia write:
“Whilst cycling through Europe we received
the sad news of the passing of sister Gwladys
and so headed over to London to be with
the family. As preparations were being made
for the funeral we had the opportunity to
accompany Duncan to engage people on the
street with the offer of a free New Testa-
ment, then later visit a refugee centre. On
the streets of Crystal Palace we were able to
distribute quite a bit of literature, including
to motorists waiting at traffic lights on the
busy high street. They were often willing to
wind down their window and take a New
Testament. The “Free Bibles” visibility vests
would have already been spotted by them.
One guy honked Betty from the other side of
the street and asked for two New Testaments
through his window. We also put a NEV Bible
and Introducing Bible Basics in a “tiny library”
on a street corner, where people put books
they don’t want and people can take them to
read, either keeping or returning them to the
The refugee centre surprised me. Not really
knowing what to expect, I discovered that
there was no stereotype refugee/asylum
seeker. An older man from Afghanistan who
had lost both legs, apparently to a landmine,
and who had such a positive spirit, eagerly
wheeling himself around in his wheelchair to
clean the tables in the canteen, mop the
floor, and from his wheelchair playing with
the various refugee children running around
the place; Albanian sex workers now preg-
nant, rescued from human trafficking; an
Afghani family who once assisted the west in
humanitarian projects, and other religious
minorities fleeing Muslim extremism in their