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We're a network of Christian believers world-wide who through careful study of the Bible have come to conclusions that separate us from mainstream Christianity. We believe in salvation by grace; eternal life on earth in the Kingdom of God, to be established by the Lord Jesus Christ at His return; in the Lord Jesus as God's Son, but not "God the Son" or a pre-existent Jesus as taught in the common doctrine of the Trinity, which we reject; in taking full responsibility for our sins, and not blaming any personal Satan figure, whom we find nothing of in the Bible; the Bible being the inspired word of God we find no evidence there nor elsewhere for the existence of an immortal soul, 'hell' as a place of fire and torment etc (rather does 'hell' refer simply to the grave); and we urge people to do as the Bible says and be baptized by full immersion in water. You can read more about us in the "About us" section.

We seek to spread Bible knowledge world-wide, and seek to assist all who wish to be baptized into the saving name of the Lord Jesus. God blesses our work - we baptize a few hundred people each year, seeking to encourage them in turn to develop into independent churches or ecclesias. We also seek to care for our brothers and sisters, both practically and spiritually. This has involved us in producing and distributing literature in over 55 languages; holding online breaking of bread meetings; seeking to care for those who are the victims of Islamic and other persecution because of their Christian faith; running Aletheia Bible College; counselling alcoholics; and generally sharing God's grace and truth, both practically and doctrinally, to all the world. He is offering eternal life - and we wish to share that with everyone, and to follow through on the joys and responsibilities which come from having this wonderful hope.

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 Dear Friend,

Despite what you may think, the Bible speaks about a time of vast improvement for those who take the necessary steps to secure that goal now. It contains a world wide plan in which all those who change the course of their lives now, such that God becomes the centre of their being will become the constituents of a new world order. It will be a most wonderful experience. It will provide everything that gives us real lasting joy and true peace. It will heal the troubled mind and calm the anxious soul. It will be everything you could imagine it to be - and more besides. 

We have one life to prepare the way for another life. How we live our first life determines whether we are fit to live the second life. The first life is based on a normal existence. The second life will be a para normal existence.

Our current mortal life has an end but the second life goes on for ever.

Our existing life is governed by the limits of our human nature but the life to come is under the direct influence and control of God.

God is the Creator of this universe. It is through Him that we live and move and have our being. It was through His plan and purpose that he created the world in the beginning.

His plan was to people the earth and endue them with all that is necessary to live their lives in the way that he intended.

God created mankind with freewill. That meant that they had the choice to act and live according to the way they thought was appropriate. It soon became evident that mankind became so immoral that God decided to end the world prematurely on account that people had sunk into a totally wayward self indulgent way of living.  (Read Genesis Ch. 6 in the Bible)

God caused a world wide flood leaving just 8 people to survive – people who were prepared to follow God’s way and a new beginning was made. Life mushroomed and the population grew and despite God providing a way of living which provided a relationship with him , only a few followed that path.

Time moved on, generation followed generation and here we are today living mostly for what each of us can acquire in order to live out our lives seeking pleasures which cannot satisfy our ongoing worldly appetites and leaving God, Our Creator out of our lives.

Unless we can see that we are on a wrong course by our ongoing natural inclination and desire to live a self satisfying life we too will pass off the world scene and die just like the millions and billions of such like minded non God believing people have done, who have forfeited their opportunity of living eternal lives through their Godless living.

But you have the opportunity to be different. We know that for many, life fails to provide the deep longing  for something better – those who feel disenchanted  with life – a loss of purpose perhaps, a concern that the world is veering off course, a longing for something better – something that will last for ever.

As is self evident, the world is undergoing serious troubles as we speak. In numerous places there is terrible strife, with the distinct possibility of a most serious escalation which could put all our lives in danger. We cannot be certain that we will not be involved in these atrocities.

If you are concerned about the state of the world,

If you are somewhat disillusioned about the future,

If you feel concerned that your life is not how you would like it to be,

We would like to hear from you – in total confidence.

Roger Beck c/o