Gospel News · September - December 2017

Carelinks | Turkey
rother Andy Taylor from the Windermere
UK ecclesia reports on his recent visit to
Iranian refugees in southern Turkey:
“My recent brief stay in Turkey was amazing
as always and included a visit to Colossae,
which was worth seeing not least for the beau-
tiful wild flowers and plentiful free fruit.
Seven women and eighteen men were
baptized into the Lord Jesus on Sunday May
14th. This took place in the Pamukkale area
so well known for its healing waters as prob-
ably alluded to in Rev 3:18. The session before
the baptisms was lively and the questions
asked and the discussions indicated a strong
thirst for saving truth. One of those bro Afshin
and I baptised also did the Farsi to English and
English to Farsi translations. He is now Bro
Amir, being baptised along with Sis Narges his
wife, pictured right. Amir will bring much
experience to the growing ecclesia, he is very
well-travelled including many years in which
he was resident in South Korea.
All those joining us have their own stories and
hopes and dreams; some have a particularly
difficult time. These include a new sister
whose Muslim husband has returned to Iran
and is making life difficult for her and her two
young daughters.”
“All these brothers and sisters need
our prayers and would welcome
visits from others of us to give more
Bible teaching and to supplement
the help that they can receive
today from the internet. Upon
reflection we all acknowledge the
benefits of human contact over
merely interacting with a screen.”
The baptism of Amir and his wife Narges