Gospel News · September - December 2017

Carelinks | Pacific Islands
rother Rex from Australia has been doing
ground breaking work, taking the true
Gospel, NEV Bibles and Bible Basics to those
who have not heard in “the isles of the
Gentiles”. After all, who of us has heard of
“Goodenough Island” in the Pacific? The
spread of the Gospel of the Kingdom into liter-
ally all the earth is required before “the end
shall come”, and we are seeing in his work a
true sign of the Lord’s soon return. He reports:
“In May I went to Goodenough Island off the
eastern tip of Papua New Guinea to be with
some of the students doing the Bible course.
I am now in Alotau, on the PNG mainland. On
my visit to Goodenough Island I think they’d
really benefit from Bible Basics. A guy from
Goodenough Island attended the seminars in
Alotau and signed up for the Bible course. He
has been reading our leaflets and also our
Bible course material and he has told me (and
his pastor confirmed it) that the pastor is
happy with our doctrine. The big plus factor
is that he believes in the
literal return of Christ and
His reign on earth, so when he
gave me opportunities to
speak to his church during
their services, I kept empha-
sising this and also our human
nature being the devil we
must fight. He has invited us
to come back at the beginning
of August and said we could
have three days to speak to his church. There
could be about 100 people attending this
week, so a lot of people will be exposed to
true Bible teaching. I have had the opportu-
nity to talk to some of them and been through
the question of what the devil and satan is
and the purpose of God with mankind and this
earth, and they responded with joy. They
don’t seem to be wedded to the idea that
there has to be an evil spirit around, even
though they come from a culture that
believes in such things.
I feel your NEV and Bible Basics would be
really helpful for these interested people. He
doesn’t collect his mail often because of the
expense of travelling from the island to the
mainland. It would be cheaper to take all the
books with us as extra baggage. Even here in
Alotau, internet access is intermittent, so if I
don’t reply speedily to your emails, it is
because of this difficulty.
~ continued ...