Gospel News · September - December 2017

Carelinks | Italy ... continued
listening to, a real inspiration to focus on the
positive, to believe God is the God of love
despite the existence of evil in our lives; to not
get bitter, and achieve forgiveness of our
abusers. Do watch it. Blessing doesn’t do email
and is very restricted where she is in the
woman’s camp. She has a simple phone and any
sister interested in giving her a call can contact
us for her number. We hope to provide clothing
and more support to her and other such women
over the Summer.
Carelinks | Latvia
uncan, Cindy and family returned to Riga
for a while and report a good turn out to
breaking of bread and feeding scheme, and
also the baptism of Alina at English church,
where they had some great African folks
present as well, including brother Charles
from Nigeria who was baptized eight years ago
and now mainly lives in Sweden. All is good at
the hall, although all are ageing; sister Larisa
is now blind but remembers more or less where
to hold her bowl for soup when she lines up.
We also happened to catch on camera the
moment when the blender finally jammed up;
this is one of very many ongoing expenses
which we have in running the Bible Centre and
we are totally dependent on your ongoing
donations [we have a new blender now!].
Really a great work goes on there which the
Lord is clearly working through.
For women who have been sex workers and /
or rape victims, there are huge long term
psychological issues. But we believe that the
Lord is able to repair broken souls, for this is
the clear good news of the most basic teaching
of Jesus in the sermon on the mount, and it is
to such that the Gospel is so attractive. Again,
thank you all for your prayers and donations in
various ways which enable all this good work
to happen.