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Each day we get a large number of responses to our printed literature and websites. We have a good team who follow up on these, always aiming to provide a response within a day or so if possible. Please pray for this work. Here are just a few of the wide range of responses we have received recently:

From Bangladesh: “I would just like to read bible out of curiosity and see what actually is inside of it - Gospel of Jesus. Currently no plan to become a Christian but just to see actually what is inside of it - the book I was told not to read- is it really the truth or not? So, if possible send both English & Arabic ones.” From USA: “I really need your advice about how to approach my husband and others about biblical teachings about the devil and satan specifically. My husband is heavily into the health wealth gospel-teachers because that’s all he knows. I get so angry when I hear him listening to televangelists and even our pastor, who is a faith movement teacher. I too was like him until I stumbled upon your book. I have never been the same since. I am so eager to tell him what I’ve come to learn in my Bible studies from Carelinks, the NEV Bible I received in the mail, and more. I have been freed since reading your books and listening to many of your teachings. How do I start the conversation with my husband about the belief in a cosmic being and even generational curses in a gentle way. Should I start with Mark 7? Also, if you know of any Christadelphian assembly in the south florida area please let me know. Thank you.” From France: “When I receive the Bibles can you teach me by skype something like 1 or 2 times per month?”

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