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Clues Across

1. Place where Christ was crucified
7. Jesus said this twice to Thomas
9. This is not to the swift
10. To exchange news
11. First word found in John 21:24
12. A city near Tyre
16. Young children
18. Queen of Persia
20. Middle two letters of an animal slain by David
21. “Come unto ...”
22. Jeremiah speaks of the pastors as this
25. Ithra is said to be this
27. Prefix meaning before
29. Son of Noah
30. First and last letters of Asher’s grandson
31. Who stood by them?

Clues Down

1. City by the Euphrates
2. One of the plagues sent on Egypt
3. City of Moab
4. A legal word used in letters
5. A sailing boat
6. Pilate said he would do this to save Jesus
8. First letters of an island
13. Moses (beheaded)
14. Son of Abihail
15. Forest mentioned in 1 Samuel 22:5 (R.V.)
17. A musical note
19. What we can become in God’s kingdom
23. First two letters of Paul’s companion
24. You could be one at your Sunday School anniversary
26. He was caught in a thicket
28. First word of Isaiah 26

Children and young people, Dapham, Zambia

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