Gospel News · September - December 2015

Editorial | Christ is Real
The Gospel News
Volume 27 | No.3 | September ~ December 2015
Lurambi Ecclesia being given NEV Kiswahili Bibles, but they need more
hrist is real”; so Robert Roberts opened
his biography of the Lord. And so He is.
Beyond the steely silence of the skies, there
really is Jesus. He is there. He who was born
on this earth, who had our nature and
experiences, really did die for us. Two thou-
sand years ago, on a day in April, on a Friday
afternoon, on a hill outside Jerusalem, a
perfect man died... and after three days, the
graveclothes stirred, a young man walked out
into the early morning mist, with the lights of
Jerusalem shimmering in the distance... then
40 days later He ascended up vertically into
the sky and somehow got taken to Heaven, the
very centre of the cosmos... yes, it demands
faith to grasp the personal, actual, concrete,
historical reality of it all. It's so much easier
to shrug it all off, to walk away from the
challenge of faith, by saying that this is myth
or that actually, He was God.
First century Israel stumbled at the humanity
of Jesus. “Is not this the carpenter, the son of
Mary, the brother of James? And they were
offended at him” (Mk. 6:3). In essence, the
same is happening to those like Trinitarians