Gospel News · September - December 2017

News from Tanzania
MWANZA | Bro Moses Komanya
I am now 72 years old and the last 27 years
have been spent in Christ. My eyes are now
troubling me and I have difficulty reading the
Bible and am in need of a second-hand or new
pair of glasses. I wondered if someone could
help me with these?
The photo enclosed are of two Bible reading
Sisters – on the right, Sis Shikalile Komanya,
and on the left, Sis Dotto Kalilyaya of Kidodi
Ecclesia (pictured above).
I wish to let you know of my plans in these last
days because my strength for working very
hard at cultivating with hand hoe means that
I can’t manage it.
News from Trinidad
| Bro George Constantine
Thank you so much for the beautiful book
“When Will Jesus Return to the Earth?” it was
really a very stimulating and encouraging
The Privy Council have had their meeting
regarding those sentenced to LIFE in jail. I was
able to read a copy of the proceedings. The
Lawyer representing those sentenced to life
imprisonment presented a really good case of
behalf of the inmates. We are not certain what
the decisions will be on the two main issues.
The first is that a life sentence should not be
as it is here now, it can only end if pardoned
by the President, which rarely happens. The
sentence should be for a specific length of
time. The other issue is that each inmate
should have been individually assessed before
being sentenced, because some may deserve
lesser sentences. I was given life sentence
together with 50 others.
It is all in God’s hand and I will keep my faith
in Him. The judges will take some time to give
their decision, so I will continue to be patient.
Thanks to all my brethren and Sisters for your
“And herein do I exercise myself,
to have always a conscience void
of offense toward God,
and toward men.”
Acts 24:16
onscience is God’s built-in
warning system. Be very happy
when it hurts you. Be very
worried when it doesn’t.