Gospel News · September - December 2017

God’s extraordinary work is most often done by ordinary people in the
seeming obscurity of a home and family.” Neal A Maxwell
n one of the refugee camps where we have
many Brethren and Sisters the Police
caught some Burundian and Rwandese
refugees that had entered their camp,
having the heads of dead people in their
bags and wanting to go to Uganda to sell
them where there is a profitable market for
such things.
Headless bodies were also found in the
camp. It seems they are used for some black
magic types of religious ritual. The Ugandan
authorities have also prohibited the sale of
human flesh meat.
I recall a few years ago large Geese were
illegally caught in a London Park and their
heads cut off and the rest of the bird just
left. We were told they would be wanted for
some kind of religious rite. There are also
other weird religious rites being performed
these days.
Life is mighty precarious at best in some of
the Refugee Camps, with frequent visits
from barbarous armed robbers, apart from
the considerable shortage of food. Our
prayers and, where possible, practical help
are needed. MH
Ghastly, Gruesome Worship
News from Australia
| Sis Joy Little
Greetings, I will order some more “When
Will Jesus Return to the Earth?” later and
some of the larger size that you sent to
My family has been very blessed. I have five
children (all baptised) and thirteen grand-
children that we are working on, two have
already been baptised. My Great grandfa-
ther, Henry Hardinge, came from England
in 1860s and was an early evangelist partic-
ularly in the gold mining areas. He was
secretary for the first Australian conference
in Melbourne on New Year’s day 1883, so I
realise the importance of personally
spreading the gospel word.
I keenly follow the work that is being done
by CAT and the many brothers and sisters
at this time, and look forward to our
Masters return. How wonderful that there
are still people who heed God’s call.
Kinshasa Sunday School, Congo |
Having a lesson on King Solomon