Gospel News · September - December 2017

fascinated and respected our sincerity. They
took videos of us and clapped after each
Despite the noise of screaming babies you can
see the spirit of Christ was there, and the
extreme, desperate sincerity of those women,
now our sisters, expressed in their body
language. As you can see, one of the sisters is
heavily pregnant but was all the same so eager
for baptism. Please pray for her delivery and
for whatever will happen to the child.
The need and potential is huge, and the need
is the call, as we have often said. In Western
medicine these women would all need post
traumatic stress counselling, but they hardly
have water, food and a chair to sit on. We
really appreciate your generosity which has
enabled us to assist so far as we have.
These sisters are devoted to God’s word and
His Son. The most prized possession of one of
them was a tattered King James Version Bible
she had brought from Nigeria, her only posses-
sion to survive her traumatic journey. She had
highlighted her favourite verses, so relevant
to those who crossed the Sahara to be raped
and imprisoned in Libya before nearly
drowning on the sea crossing to Sicily:
“When thou passest through the waters, I will
be with thee; and through the rivers, they
shall not overflow thee.” ... “Deliver me from
mine enemies, O my God, and save me from
bloody men.” ... “They answered Joshua,
saying, All that thou commandest us we will
do, and withersoever thou sendest us, we will
go. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by
every word of God”.
Carelinks | Spain
e’re pleased to report the baptisms of
Valentin and Miguel in Spain. Valentin
has been studying the Truth for seven years,
and has been through all kinds of groups
before becoming convicted of the Truth. He
runs various Facebook groups where he uses
Bible Basics and other material to grab the
attention of the 1200 or so members he has
built up. Miguel was one of these. Valentin
travelled overnight from Valencia to meet us
in Madrid, where he and Miguel spent two days
with us. They were baptized in a spot near
Alcala de Henares which Valentin remem-
bered, or thought he did, from many years
ago. We had to walk nearly an hour through
the bush to get to a point where we could
enter the river. It was very muddy, with soft
mud down to about one meter’s depth. We
performed the baptisms, not without diffi-
culty, but very much with the Lord’s presence.
You can see the video at:
Miguel was totally cast out of his family when
he left the Catholic church; his aunty is a nun
and his uncle a priest. He now lives in a hostel
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