Gospel News · September - December 2017

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Here are some highlights from recent reports.
Carelinks | Canada
ro Jim and Sis Anne Barton of the Kingston,
Ontario ecclesia are the representatives of
Carelinks in Canada and we’re much encour-
aged by their report as follows:
“Sunday morning, May 21st, Anne and I led a
45 minute Gospel Sing-A-Long at the Eastern
Ontario Bluegrass Music Festival. It featured
8 popular Gospel songs with three short Bible
talks in between them to explain the
covenant of Baptism and the need to “repent
and be baptized” for their salvation. We also
stressed the value of reading the Bible to
allow the Lord to speak, guide and instruct
them along the way.
We had about 60-70 people in attendance and
we concluded by offering to meet with
members of the audience after our set to
share free Bible materials. The reception was
terrific. We distributed 14 NEV Bibles with
reading schedules, 7 Bible Basics Books, 6
Introducing Bible Basics booklets, 1 Children's
Bible book and numerous leaflets. We had
many good contacts and conversations. On top
of all that, the festival organizers were
delighted with our show and immediately
requested that we come back next year to do
another. They were quite happy to provide us
with a table at the back of the hall to meet
with people and discuss the Bible. So it was
truly a blessed day in the vineyard. It helps
sometimes to think outside the box. This
preaching effort didn’t cost us anything
except for the cost of materials distributed.
Thanks to all who have donated money to
Carelinks and helped provide these valuable
materials to help advance the Gospel in the
hearts of many. Love in our shared hope, Anne
and Jim Barton, Carelinks Canada.”