Gospel News · September - December 2017

Burundi and Congo Adventure
| Bro Denis Mpawenayo
(Bujumbura Ecclesia, Burundi)
ro Benoit Mukendi of the West Toronto
Canadian Ecclesia made an extensive
visit to some ecclesias supported by a
team of brethren, John Epembwe, Joseph
Lwitela, Swedi M’Mende, Denis Mpawenayo,
as well as other local members. Sometimes
they divided into smaller groups and visited in
all ten ecclesias, exhorting, and encouraging
them, resulting in twenty two baptisms in five
different ecclesias.
It is not generally appreciated the extent
to which the work has expanded in these areas
and the numerous photos give a favourable
impression of the lively community of brethren
and sisters there.
Several languages are spoken but
many understand French and the CAT
translation of the French NEV New
Testaments, together with a mini
commentary on every page and the
summary of Bible Basics at the back,
make it an important preaching tool
wherever French is understood.
Bujumbura Ecclesia the 9th July 2017
Newly baptized from Gasorwe Ecclesia
From left: Bro Benoit Mukendi; Bro Samuel Hacimana;
Bro Denis Mpawenayo; Bro Joseph Lwitela;
Bro John Epembwe and Bro Swedi M’Mende