Gospel News · September - December 2017

The Event of the Ages?
| Bro Austin Mwaka (Kapiri-Mposhi, Zambia)
he general population of the world today
is about to experience ‘The Event of the
Ages’ – the second coming of
the Lord from heaven: first, to
His elect of all ages, and then
to the secular nations of the
earth. His purpose then shall
be the subjection of all rule
and authority of the Kingdoms
of men, making them to bow
to His righteous reign, and to
enjoy the peace which they
have always claimed to have
desired, but have never
attained. What assurance do
believers have of these facts?
There are many Biblical ones, they are the
only valid assurances.
Although accounted as nothing
by most nations, and as
insignificant by world bodies,
such as the United Nations,
Israel’s establishment in the
end time was the signal event
which marked the beginning of
the countdown to the Kingdom
of God. The Lord Jesus’ words
recorded in Luke’s 21st
chapter, prominently mention
the end of “The Times of the
Bro Austin Mwaka standing with Bro David Nicholls
and his wife, Sis Linda, (UK) pictured long back
Atomic Power
| ‘Nature’ March 13, 1954
gainst the background of nature, atomic
weapons are small. An average local
thunderstorm releases as much energy
as a plutonium bomb; a hurricane or
an earthquake, a million times as much.
Nevertheless, they are frightful weapons,
capable of inflicting terrible destruction
and wholesale death.
“... Thus saith the
Lord GOD; I will even
gather you from the
people, and assemble
you out of the countries
where ye have been
scattered, and I will
give you the land
of Israel.”
Ezekiel 11:17