Operation Carelink

An Opportunity To Go Out Into The World And Care

Delivering vitamins and discussing needs

The Lord Jesus told us to "go" and share His grace with others; not to invite people to come to us, but to proactively go to them. Any reader of Carelinks messages will be aware that there are large numbers of brothers and sisters baptized now in many countries, often with varying degrees of material need, but all with a great need for spiritual encouragement and being followed up in a systematic way.

Weeping with those who weep

Sunday School work in Albania

The idea of Operation Carelink is to provide brothers and sisters of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity to go out into the field for a six month period, in an organized and planned manner. Their aims would be:

a) to assist with the preaching of the Gospel

b) to provide pastoral and practical care for those already baptized.

Baptism in Russia

Breaking bread with isolated brothers

We realize that 6 months is a significant period of time, although we believe that it will be very spiritually rewarding and perhaps life-changing for you. 'The need is the call', and really the need is there, of 1500 brothers & sisters baptized in recent times, some persecuted, many old and sick and isolated... if you feel this call is to you, then do get in touch with us at info@carelinks.net .

Bible Basics seminar

Co-ordinating delivery of clothes

We're great believers in team-work. Our intention would be to operate in groups of four- but that depends how many of you come forward and are interested! You would begin with a two week orientation course in Latvia, and then be assigned various projects.

One to one Bible study with the isolated

Delivering and installing a dry toilet

These could include: replying to correspondence; travelling to visit contacts and brothers and sisters; holding a breaking of bread meeting with those in isolation; teaching or supporting 'Improve your English through reading the Bible' classes; transporting elderly brothers & sisters to medical attention and staying in touch with them; distributing fliers; visiting urgent cases of need at short notice to assess the situation; helping with repairs to homes; delivering firewood; holding discussions with contacts; computer and internet work; office admin, etc. We can't provide a concrete start date nor a specific program at this stage, because that will depend upon your particular strengths, interests, abilities and timeframe availability, and also that of others who are interested. We'll try to create a package and start date which will be relevant and appropriate to you and your fellow workers.

Discussing Scripture one to one with contacts

Listening to others' problems

The location of the work would likely be Eastern Europe but could include trips further afield. As to funding- of course it will be great if you or your ecclesia can fund your visit. But we are very committed to this project- workers are so desperately needed. 'We'd rather see you than your money' as the saying goes. We believe in faith that we will be able to find sponsors for the right people. Your program will be overseen by Duncan & Cindy Heaster and other experienced missionaries from CCM, the Christadelphian Committee For Europe and the CAT.

Fact finding about medical needs

Taking clothes and welfare items to the very isolated

We're thinking that this program may interest

- Young people willing to have a 'gap year' in their studies

- Newly retired folk

- Anyone whose life situation gives them the opportunity to spend 6 months on such a program without this being in any way detrimental to their family life.

Ministering to the sick

Mailing out literature to contacts


View the application form and fill it in online. One of us will give you a call and we can discuss things further by telephone. If you have a problem with the online form, you can view it as a PDF file at the bottom of this page. Please print it out, fill it in, and send it to us as a scan or simply as an email at info@carelinks.net . Or you can mail it to us at Carelinks, PO Box 152, Menai NSW 2234 AUSTRALIA.

Delivering shoes to refugees in Bosnia

Running a sisters' class

If this isn't for you, then:

- Please pray that the Lord will send more workers into His great harvest, and for the success of Operation Carelink!

- Share news of this project with others who may be interested, especially those who aren't online.


1. But I don't know my Bible verses so well!

Whilst the message we preach is of course Biblical, most people in Eastern Europe are from an atheistic background and don't know the Bible text well. Preaching is more through relationship building, and following up using the Bible Basics instruction courses.

Delivering clothes

Leading small group discussions

Speaking at a sisters' weekend

2. I really don't have the money!

Don't let that be too great an obstacle! Get in touch with us!

3. I can't manage 6 months- maybe a shorter period?

That's fine. Just get in touch with us and we'll see what we can arrange.

4. I have some health issues

That's also fine; we can tailor a program suitable to your needs in this area.

Speaking at a Bible School

Rejoicing with those who rejoice

Delivering wheelchairs


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