What we do and how we work

The book Bible Basics was published in 1992, and is, we believe, a sound statement of the Truth as understood by Christadelphians. This book has been the backbone of our preaching work. Prior to this, the course now known as Introducing Bible Basics was used to spread the Truth. 

We hate ‘numbering Israel’ as it were but it is simply so that millions have heard the true Gospel from our work, and at least 10,000 people have been baptized from Bible Basics material. These days our work is increasingly online although wherever possible we do seek to meet our contacts and especially be present at their baptisms. We sponsor our fieldworkers to enable that. 




Our Method

Our Method is in 4 stages:-

  1. Initial development of interest

  2. Tutoring and following up contacts to baptism

  3. Encouraging the spiritual development of those baptized with the aim of them forming self-sustaining, independent ecclesias giving glory to our Father in Heaven and eagerly awaiting the return of His Son.

  4. Caring for the specific material needs of those baptized.