Christadelphian Committee for Central Europe

Newsletter No. 1, Winter 2004

Due to some changes within the CBM structure, it has been agreed to establish a new mission committee to deal with the areas in Eastern Europe for which brother Marcus Heaster was CBM Linkman. This will ensure that the Truth’s work is continued in these areas, and that the brethren and sisters are cared for with no damage to them. This new, separately funded committee will deal with all the pastoral, preaching and welfare requirements in these areas from its own Funds, The Committee will consist of five UK members and five consultative members from the Latvia, Lithuania and Adriatics areas. This Committee will be dedicated to raising funds and preaching and caring.

The idea has been shared with all the brethren and sisters in the areas affected, namely Latvia, Lithuania, Bosnia, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia. They have expressed overwhelming and unanimous support for the new structure, and are very pleased to see their local representatives on the Committee. Our aim is to be fellow-workers with our brethren in those areas, rather than to dictate policy to them from the West. Some of our brethren in those areas have been baptized for over 12 years, and there are several well functioning ecclesias in the area. Over 300 brethren and sisters have been baptized since preaching started here with the fall of Communism. Growth is fast and exciting- there have been many baptisms in the last few months!

Mission Statement

  • We are responding to the Great Commission to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth. We accept and adhere to the BASF as a good summary of the Gospel.
  • We seek the welfare of our brethren both spiritually and materially, to the end that sound ecclesias be developed in Central Europe, working together in love, and ready to meet our Lord at His return.
  • We seek to devolve as much authority as possible to local brethren and sisters. We see ourselves as enabling and empowering others to serve the Lord in their context to the best of their ability.

Gloves donated from Canada, vitamins donated from New Zealand, being distributed to a sister and her daughter in Latvia

Prayer Points

-          For the success of the new committee

-          For the elderly brethren and sisters in rural Latvia who face high fuel bills over the Winter, and inadequate accommodation in remote locations

-          For those with health problems who can’t afford medicines, now that all health care has to be paid for [pensions are only enough to pay for rent, food and heating- medical expenses, repairs to broken windows, warm clothes for children etc, are all hard to find for many of our members]

-          For blessing upon the outreach efforts of our Bosnian brethren as they seek to witness to Moslems

-          For our young brethren facing military service issues.

Young brethren in Sarajevo, Bosnia


Bosnia Welfare Initiative

Our brethren in Sarajevo, Bosnia can only be described as dynamic. They are drawn from all sides of the many divides in society which led to the bitter war in ex-Yugoslavia. Now they are united together in the Truth, and are zealously reaching out to the many refugees and needy people in Bosnia. The brethren and sisters in Latvia and Lithuania recently made a collection of clothing and other items for them, which was driven down to Bosnia. This is exactly the sort of initiative we seek to encourage- local Eastern European brethren assisting others, so that the body makes increase of itself, edifying itself in love.

Lithuanian brethren packing clothes into the van for the drive down to Sarajevo

Bosnian brethren distributing the clothes to war victims in the mountains near Sarajevo

Upcoming Events

-          - A whole series of pastoral visits are planned to the area

-          - The first sisters’ weekend is being planned. Sister Jean Field has kindly agreed to come over from England and give classes.

-          - The Baltic Bible School, held twice yearly, is continuing. Let us know if you’d like to come over- all studies are presented in English with translation

-          - A series of seminars on the theme “Improve your English through reading the Bible” are being developed. There is ample opportunity to join in billing visits to advertise the seminars. Contact us for more details.

-          - More clothes for the Bosnia Welfare Initiative are being gathered. Any willing to drive them down there could contact us.


A recent Bible School in Riga, Latvia, with Bro. David Webb (Walton, UK) as the speaker

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Tel: 0208 6571358


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“Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you” (2 Thess. 3:1).