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Have you considered the early days of Moses? What was the influence which, in spite of his early surroundings in an idolatrous Egyptian palace gave him that godly fear and courage to suffer affliction with the people of God? The secret, of course, lies in the fact that his nurse was his own Hebrew mother. The tremendous influence of a mother upon her child in its early days is one of the great teachings of the Scriptures.

Teaching our children about God is the most challenging task with which parents are faced. If we perform it faithfully, there are rich rewards

Beyond the hour or so at Sunday School, children need the daily spiritual food prepared by the mother as much as her tasty meals. In what ways can we provide our children with wholesome teachings about God, so ensuring their spiritual health throughout the days?

Firstly, about His Name: Outside the home, the most frequent use of the word “God” may reach our children’s ears from the mouths of those who have little respect for Him. Others use His Name under the cover of such words as “golly”, “gosh”, and “gee”. We must not use our lips in this way: let us teach our family to speak His Name always in a respectful manner.

Secondly, about His care for us: “For all things come of thee, and of thine own have we given thee.” Our regular times of thanksgiving at mealtimes can be used to remind our children of God’s care. Repeating the same grace should be avoided. The children should be invited to take turns in saying thanks and to use the opportunity to remember God’s blessings which they have met that day: the pretty sunrise, the happy games, health after sickness, the care of schoolteachers.

Thirdly, about His Word: No parents should allow the day to pass without providing their children with something from God’s book: it may be that the sister finds this responsibility falls on her shoulders and, even if she has to work outside the home, she will be strengthened to fit this necessary provision into her busy day by recalling the words of Jesus, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”. The portion which we choose to read should not be too long. What a wonderful picture book God has written to show both young and old how He can transform human lives: the steadfastness of Ruth, the repentance of David, the stamina of Paul.

The experiences of the day may lead us to choose a particular Bible incident to teach our children what is beautiful or ugly in life. When our children read the Bible on their own, look for opportunities to ask them afterwards about their reading. If we are truthful about ourselves when talking together of God’s Word, our children too will become heart searchers. Whenever possible, let the family assemble together daily to read the Scriptures and to pray. Teaching our children about God’s Word takes but a little part of the day, and yet so much is to be gained – God will be brought into the home and His Word will be more than a picture book: it will become a rule for life.

Fourthly, about God’s love: “He that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?” Our children cannot understand the love of God unless we practice it in the home. This love of God is the kind that blesses and chastises for good.

Sis Mary Eyre (Jamaica)

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