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We should not permit anyone to delude us with persuasive arguments. Having received the Lord Jesus as our Messiah and Saviour we should be rooted in him and should build up our spiritual lives in Him with thanksgiving as we have been taught. We should beware of anyone who would lead us away by the philosophies and traditions of men because it is in Christ alone that the whole fulness of divine truth is embodied. He is the head of every principality and power and it is in Him that they have been “circumcised” by putting off the sins of the flesh. This took place at our baptism when we were buried with him and then raised to a newness of life through our faith in the power of God. Col 2:12, Rom 6:4. The old man having died, the new man having arisen with all former sins forgiven.

Bro Moses Dklakama (Chipinge, Zimbabwe)

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